Jesteśmy Refloactive Niciak Group!

Refloactive Niciak Group to najszybciej rozwijający się producent odblasków w Polsce.

We are a company employing over 70 people working in offices and production in Bydgoszcz and mobile in whole country. We produce and distribute all reflective products, sports clothing, advertising products and stained-glass lamps. Kando Plus is also the owner of the Imperium Druku printing house.

Thanks to continuous development, the company introduces new solutions and technologies aimed at increasing work efficiency and employee development. 

— High quality

of our products results not only from many years of experience in the industry, but also from the professional approach and high standards that we observe as part of our business. We believe that comprehensive solutions mean comfort and convenience for our clients to execute orders quickly, which is why we offer such a variety of reflective gadgets in one place.

— We also do

advertising overprints that will give the accessories an individual character and help promote a given business, school, kindergarten, office or other organization.

KANDO (感 度) is sensitivity in Japanese. Our zen is a focus on the awareness that road safety is the key. For many years now, our goal has been to sensitize the public with various actions promoting warning clothing and reflective gadgets that protect health and life not only after dark. Sensitivity to your safety as well as other road users by introducing reflective elements into your outfit should apply to all of us. In the philosophy of KANDO PLUS, we have the customer's good, Data analysis, Attitude for social sensitivity, Striving for excellence and Optimism.


We undertake non-business activities for our employees, society and the natural environment. We are aware of the need for security, as well as the fact that the production of reflective gadgets by itself requires proper disposal. We participate in various social and charity events all the time, striving to spread awareness of road safety.